The San Diego Street Choir is a thriving aspect of the Ladle Fellowship ministry. Singing together as a group is therapeutic, community-building, and spiritually inspiring. For many of our choir members, joining the choir has helped them "come out of their shell" and has given them a supportive community to turn to when difficulties and temptations inevitably arise.


The Street Choir has performed all over San Diego County, and their concerts have raised thousands of dollars for the arts & music therapy program at the Monarch School for children impacted by homelessness. The opportunity to serve others through music is a profound experience for many of our choir members.

"The choir makes me happy and clears my mind from thinking about life on the street."

"I'm in the choir because I love to sing and I love praise and worship with my Man upstairs."

"When I'm with the choir, I feel like I'm at home."

"Singing with the Street Choir has brought me closer to God and put me

back in touch with my faith."