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A Message from our Director, John Savidge

Compassion is increasingly important this year, just as in 2020.  Many have experienced the crushing impact of Covid 19; it has also had an impact on the poor and vulnerable. Limited job opportunities combined with stretched food and shelter resources are giving them a bleak future as we enter our winter season.


It is an honor for us to partner with you as we serve our vulnerable in San Diego.  We recognize that this pandemic has devastated many non-profit organizations and many are reaching out for help more than ever before.  Our great fear is that the economic impact on those living at or below the poverty level will only create more families and individuals living in their cars or on the streets, lacking essential food, shelter, and medical attention.  With your help, The Ladle Fellowship can alleviate some of these basic needs and let San Diego’s poor know they are valued.


What does this mean for you: You can make an impact on our ministry by regular Giving, it is quite simple to set-up automated donations each month throughout 2021.  Any gift from you will be met with gratefulness and joy.  With your support, we can go even further as we seek to meet the rising need of caring for our poor and homeless in San Diego this winter and throughout 2021.


I am grateful for your support.

John Savidge